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Elbit Systems Reveals SkEye WAPS™

The system provides a unique, “Eye in the Sky”, overall situational awareness of “on-the-ground” intelligence data, and enables a large number of users to...

Vehicles For Change

Current counter-insurgency operations are occurring in vast theatres in North Africa and the Middle East, often in semi-arid and desert conditions. This is spurring...


A quiet revolution is occurring in naval communications. The stalwart Link-11 Tactical Data Link (TDL) is being replaced by Link-22. How does this new...

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The military vehicle maintenance market is in a state of transition: The model that came into play over a decade of US-led combat operations...

What Lies Beneath?

Ship categories are changing: As navies are required to respond to an ever-increasing spectrum of traditional and non-traditional threats, the lines of classification between...


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