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Transitioning the capabilities of the USAF’s Compass Call jamming aircraft to a new plane gather pace. The US Air Force overhaul of its tactical and...


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Top Nations Join Air Mission Planning & Support Virtual Conference in April 2021 in...

SMi Group Reports: Top nations are set to speak at SMi’s 12th Annual Air Mission Planning and Support Virtual Conference in three weeks’ time. SMi...
The Interim Manoeuvre Short Range Aid Defence System (IM-SHORAD)

Closing the Gap on Air and Missile Defence

Air and Missile Defence (AMD), neglected during the Army’s focus on counter-insurgency, requires revival to be competitive on the peer-on-peer battlefield. In addition, the...

Royal Canadian Air Force speaking at 12th Annual Air Mission Planning and Support Conference

SMi Group Reports: Colonel Chris McKenna, Royal Canadian Air Force speaker at SMi’s 12th Annual Air Mission Planning & Support Conference, exclusive interview ahead...

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