Issue of Armada International in December 2016 & January 2017.

  • Land Warfare – Enhancing The MK.1 Eyeball: Optronics for dismounted infantry are employing the very latest technological innovations which industry has to offer, Peter Donaldson explains.
  • Air Power – Finding The X-Factor: Procuring the right training aircraft is an important decision for any air force. David Oliver examines ongoing and expected trainer aircraft acquisitions.
  • Future Technologies – Let There Be Light: Gerrard Cowan goes in search of Lidar, and finds a technology with the potential to augment many military situational awareness tools.
  • Sea Power – Fire From The Sea: Luca Peruzzi discusses the demand for naval guns and surface-to-surface missiles to improve the punch of combatants large and small.
  • Programme Focus – Albion And The Apocalypse: The UK is receiving new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. Thomas Withington examines the political and constitutional pitfalls facing this initiative.
  • Air Power – Scalpel Sharp: Joetey Attariwala rounds up the latest technological advances aimed at making air-to-ground ordnance ever smarter and accurate.
  • Land Warfare – Under The Gun: Assault and sniper rifles are in demand. Andrew White explains how lessons learned from theatre are migrating into current and future designs.
  • Stirling – No Time To Spare? Go by Air!: Investment is increasing in aerial delivery systems to get commandos and their equipment on the ground covertly, quickly and safely, Andrew White discovers.
  • Turing – Who Goes There?: Thomas Withington examines the technological innovations in the identification friend or foe domains, and their implications for air operations.