This is the June/July 2017 issue of Armada International. This is not the latest issue. To read the current month’s issue of the magazine, please subscribe here:

June/July 2017 Issue includes the following Features:

  • Air Power – Best Supporting Actors: Beth Stevenson examines some of the latest developments in the close air support domain regarding aircraft and subsystems.
  • Air Power – Over The Ocean: A number of navies are actively pursuing unmanned aerial vehicle programmes to enhance the situational awareness of their navies, Beth Stevenson finds out.
  • Air Power – Superiority Complex: Air-to-air missiles help to ensure air superiority and air supremacy. Giulia Tilenni reviews important technological developments over the past twelve months.
  • Future Technologies – Suits Of Armour: Helicopter ballistic protection continues to be in high demand around the world as a result of ongoing operations. Andrew Drwiega investigates.
  • Stirling – Thinking Inside The Box: Andrew White looks at some of the startling innovations showing promise for the special forces domain in the world of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
  • Turing – Guardian Angels: Thomas Withington profiles the UK’s Project GUARDIAN air command and control system, expected to enter service over the next five years.

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