This is the September 2017 issue of Armada International. This is not the latest issue. To read the current month’s issue of the magazine, please subscribe here:

September 2017 Issue includes the following Features:

  • Air Power – Blades On Parade: Andrew Drwiega dissects one of the most talked about helicopter procurements which could have implications for similar rotorcraft acquisitions around the world.
  • Future Technologies – Getting With The Programmes: Gerrard Cowan examines some of the latest innovations in the world of rugged computing for vehicles and dismounted troops.
  • Land Warfare – Digital Gunfire: Stephen W. Miller explains how the provision of indirect fire is being revolutionised via the advent of digitised fire control.
  • Land Warfare – Wheels Of Fortune: Stephen W. Miller examines ongoing upgrades and procurements in the infantry fighting vehicle and armoured personnel carrier domains.
  • Sea Power – Moby Dick or Red October?: Peter Donaldson chronicles the latest developments in the world of sea gliders, discussing the important contribution they can make to naval operations.
  • Stirling – Words Of Wisdom: Andrew White shares the insights of the US Special Operations Command’s leadership regarding the tools it requires to fight the wars of tomorrow.
  • Turing – Thinking Aloud: Thomas Withington examines the latest evolutions in the cognitive tactical radio world, and the potential impact of such technology on the battlefield.

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