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December 2017/January 2018 Issue includes the following Features:

  • Air Power – Air Chiefs Meet Fast Jets In Dubai: The 8th Dubai Air Chiefs Conference was staged the day before the opening of the biennial Dubai Airshow. Andrew Drwiega reports on a selection of the highlights.
  • Global SOF Restructures As Mission Sets Flourish: As ever more responsibility is given to Special Operations Forces, they are adapting to change as only they can. There is an increasing focus on greater international cooperation as Andrew White discovers.
  • Sea Power – Swedish Navy Keeps Future Plans Quiet: The Swedish Navy, already know for its stealthy naval ships, is looking ahead with industry partner Kockums to the next generation of corvettes, fast attack craft and submarines. Andrew Drwiega visited Sweden to find out more.
  • Land Warfare – More Power To Your Elbow:  Peter Donaldson reports on how industry is developing systems to effectively load individual soldiers with their own power supply.
  • Future Technologies – The Twists and Turns of Countering UAVs: Gerrard Cowan looks at the new growth in systems that are coming on the market to disrupt hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which have proliferated in recent years, sparking a new and escalating threat.
  • Sea Power – Need for Rapid Ship to Shore Endures: Dr Lee Willett examines the resurgence of investment in marine forces, amphibious platforms, flexible ships, ship-to shore connectors.

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