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February/March 2018 Issue includes the following Features:

  • Air Power: Fighter On The Edge Of Reason: Where fourth generation aircraft shone, and still shine thanks to upgrades, the fifth generation take air warfare to a new level. Alan Warnes reports.
  • Land Warfare: Surgical Strike Artillery: Calling for artillery support usually mean firing for effect and walking the shells into the target. No more. Today’s mobile artillery can compute its position and than of the target to an accuracy gunners of old never thought possible as Stephen W. Miller discovers.
  • Sea Power: Big Deck, Big Stick: Dr. Lee Willett takes a look at the continuing importance of maritime air power and the nations that are investing in large aircraft carriers.
  • Land Warfare: Commanding The Battle Means Better Bandwidth: Dr. Joetey Attariwala reports on the Canadian Army’s is improving its command and control net-working capability through digitisation.
  • Special Operations: There Is Always A Lesson To Learn: Whether training Partner Nations, or re-training for the next mission, international special operations forces are continually striving to find the next solution to give them the edge in future fights.
  • Armada Commentary: U.S. Arms Sales – Has Anything Changed Under Trump?: We welcome Armada International’s new regular columnist, Andrew Hunter, director of the Defense Industrial Initiatives Group and senior fellow in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C.

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