This is the April/May 2018 issue of Armada International. This is not the latest issue. To read the current month’s issue of the magazine, please subscribe here:

April/May 2018 Issue includes:

  • Special Ops: Direct Action Mobility: Andrew White discovers what is ‘hot’ in the special operations vehicles market for SOF operators.
  • Air Power: Passing On JTAC Skills: Regional forces that have opposed Daesh in Syria/ Iraq are now being certified in calling in close air support. By Andrew Drwiega.
  • Land Warfare: Small Smart Radars: Peter Donaldson discovers that technology developments, such as those in the civil cellular industry, are making smaller radars much more useful.
  • Sea Power: Littoral Intent: Naval assets that can deliver on littoral operations remain key despite an renewed focus on ‘blue water’ strategies. Dr. Lee Willett reports.
  • Land Warfare: SOF Small Arms: Is smaller, better? Andrew White looks at options for smaller weapons available to SOF forces having to fight in urban environments.
  • Land Warfare: Integrating And Controlling Fire Support: Stephen W. Miller takes a look at how technology is contributing to the integration of fire support.
  • Armada Commentary: When Will Future Vertical Lift Take Off: Andrew Hunter discusses the challenges that still face the Department of Defense ahead of any decision that will deliver a Future Vertical Lift platform to the US Army.

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