This is the June/July 2018 issue of Armada International. This is not the latest issue. To read the current month’s issue of the magazine, please subscribe here:

June/July 2018 Issue includes:

  • Air Power Ops: Germany’s Rotary Wing Challenge: David Oliver travels to Germany to find out what is behind the delays behind the German Navy’s NH90 implementation.
  • Land Warfare: Balancing Survivability in Light Vehicles: Without heavy armour, how can light vehicles survive in a hostile battlefield. Stephen W. Miller reports.
  • Air Force: Unmanned Air Force for today and tomorrow: Justin Bronk reviews some exciting developments in unmanned aircraft as well as the the manned-unmanned debate.
  • Sea Power: Evolving Nuclear Powered Submarines: Tim Fish looks at how new technology is reshaping the role of SSNs and SSBNs.
  • Land Warfare: Own the Night: Michael J. Gething provides an update on the latest night vision technologies coming into the land and air environments.
  • Spec Ops and Expeditionary Forces Debrief: Upskilling Allies: Special forces and helping to transfer some of their skills to allies who have the intent but not the ability to fight determined terrorists. Andrew White reports.
  • Cyber Warfare: Cyber Warfare and the future of National Security: Analysing the difference between cyber crime, cyber sabotage and cyber warfare. Robert Torgerson reports.
  • Armada Commentary: Disruption and the Defence Market: Andrew Hunter discusses disruption in the defence industry: who would have seen Amazon as a defence supplier?

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