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September 2018 Issue includes:

  • Special Report: Contested Maritime Spaces pose growing challenge to Western Navies:  Dr. Lee Willett attended RUSI’s Sea Power conference and found rising concern among western naval powers.
  • Land Warfare: Improving Individual Situational Awareness: Industry is giving soldiers better technology so that they can locate themselves, their team and the enemy are on the battlefield. Stephen W. Miller reports.
  • Land Warfare: Battlefield Tactical Power:  Stephen W. Miller finds that alternative power supplies might offer an alternative to noisy, fuel hung ry generators.
  • Sea Power: Capability Calibration: The arrival of Kalibr cruise missiles into the Russian Navy’s surface and submarine fleets has broken an established SLCM hegemony. Dr. Lee Willett explains.
  • Spec Ops and Expeditionary Forces Debrief: ‘Tooling Up’ for Counter Terorism:  Andrew White reviews the publication of the United Kingdom’s latest Counter Terrorist Strategy, CONTEST.
  • Armada Commentary: Why Open Systems fuel the tempest:  Andrew Hunter discusses why Pyramid open architecture may be just the stimulus needed for BAE Systems’ Tempest to ‘take-off ’.

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