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Best Supporting Actors

Negev NG-7 medium machine gun
Concerns regarding the generation of collateral damage in the contemporary operating environment continue to have significant effects on the employment of support weapons on the battlefield, particularly in relation to complex Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT). Long and tiring US-led campaigns in Iraq and...

It’s Cold Outside

Arctic warfare capabilities
As attention continues to focus on current special forces operations in the Middle East to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the international special operations community is being forced to prepare for contingency operations across a much wider spread of environments. According...

How Not To Be Seen

camouflage designs
Modern armed forces must adopt a mix of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), standard operating procedures (SOPs) and technology in order to successfully execute missions across a varied Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). Traditionally, camouflage was designed to protect soldiers from being identified by the naked...

The Human League

The US DoD’s modular handgun system
Finally, it appears armed forces worldwide are now beginning to pay particular attention to human factors associated with modern soldier systems, with widespread acknowledgement regarding optimised ergonomic fit as well as how best to prepare soldiers for specific missions. According to Lieutenant Colonel John Vest...

Power Politics

MC4 handheld device
The modern soldier market continues to see particular emphasis placed on reduction in the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of batteries in order to reduce the burden on the dismounted soldier, while maximising the electricity available to power their needs. The SETAF (Soldier Equipment Technology...

Gettin’ Around

Nimr’s Ajban Special Operations Vehicle
With the contemporary environment continuing to demand high mobility over long ranges for armed forces, requirements continue to be satisfied with emerging technologies based around Internally Transportable Vehicles (ITVs). ITVs should be capable of being stowed internally onboard a heavylift rotorcraft such as a Boeing...

Special Effects

Polish soldier from the GROM unit
The contemporary operating environment remains an extremely busy one for international Special Operations Forces (SOF), as governments continue to recognise and further extend their specialist capabilities and force multiplying effects. Ongoing Counter-Insurgency (COIN) operations continue to dominate the headlines, whether they be occurring in Africa,...

We Want Information!

Camero’s Xaver 400
Command and Control (C2) technology continues to dominate current operations with ever-increasing demands placed on airborne, maritime and land-based systems in support of dismounted users. Industry is stepping up to the challenge. The C2 market is witnessing trends driven by the desire for improvements in...

Left To My Own Devices

Revision Military’s initial concept
The contemporary operating environment’s hybrid mix of regular and irregular warfare continues to be illustrated around the World with state and non-state actors employing a diverse range of Concepts of Operation (CONOPS). Such CONOPS range from information operations involving a cyber dimension, through to kinetic...

Strike from the Sea

SOF troop
Armada launches its new Stirling column providing the latest news and developments in the Special Forces community. Named after David Stirling, the founder of the Special Air Service, we hope he would have enjoyed it. Despite ongoing operations on land involving Special Operations Forces (SOF),...

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The Outside of the Envelope

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