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Giulia Tilenni
Giulia Tilenni is a contributing analyst for diverse leading journals specialised in defence technology and defence issues. She works on European Union defence and security trends, budgetary issues, and members' national security dilemmas, as well as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market and technological trends. @gtilenni

Back to the Battlegroups

European Union (EU) sources have confirmed to that the organisation maybe planning to enhance its EU battlegroup concept. EU battlegroups have a battalion strength of circa 1500 troops and are comprised of forces provided by the member states of the European Union. These battlegroups,...

The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove: The European Union and Defence: Part 1

In the first of a series of articles on the defence decision-making processes of the European Union (EU), we examine the role of the European Council in this vital part of the EU’s activities. The European Council groups together the EU’s members states’ heads...

The Ties that Bind

The European Union is planning further discussions to enhance and deepen its defence cooperation this coming May. These forthcoming discussions, expected to occur at meetings of the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council this May in Brussels. The Foreign Affairs Council comprises the ministers from the EU’s...

Old troubles, new command

The European Union (EU) hopes to have made important enhancements to the command of its military operations by the end of the year, EU sources have informed These enhancements are expected to take for forms of the activation of a new military headquarters known...

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