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Coming to a Theatre near You

Airbus’ A400M Atlas strategic turboprop freighter is a new aircraft at the forefront of developments in new technology for a large transport aircraft. It is designed to carry up to 37 tons of equipment and carry out all airlift-related missions, including inter and intra-theatre...

Dumb Bombs with Graduate Degrees

Pakistani JF-17 Thunder
From the early days of aerial warfare, air forces around the world have sought ways to increase the accuracy and lethality of air-delivered ordnance, but it was not until advances in microchip technology that air forces were able to use precision guidance kits which...

Flying the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey

The Bell/Boeing CV/MV-22A Osprey tilt rotor aircraft is a technological marvel. It has the ability to take off and land like a helicopter, and the engines can be rotated forward 90 degrees to establish horizontal flight. The CV/MV-22A is currently in service with the...

Diesel offers promises of Speed

The Canadian Coast Guard expects to complete tests of its Zodiac Hurricane H753 OB Search and Rescue Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) equipped with Mercury Marine’s new diesel outboard engine in early 2017, the latter company has told Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury...

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