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China’s Jiangkai frigate roll-out delivers global reach

Jiangkai II frigate Linyi
Dr. Lee Willett - Like any navy seeking global presence, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will use its surface forces to project influence. A primary platform in building this forward presence is the Jiangkai II frigate. For major navies seeking to generate global presence and...

Exercise Dynamic Manta builds NATO ASW and C2 capacity

Dynamic Manta
Dr. Lee Willett - One of NATO’s two annual anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercises is underway in the Mediterranean Sea. Exercise Dynamic Manta is NATO’s southern ASW exercise, and is built around Standing NATO Maritime Group (SNMG) 2. Alongside the habitual focus on ASW, anti-surface...

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FlyEye and Warmate Gaining Traction With Potential Customers

“People don’t realise the extend of WB and we are educating users about the capabilities of FlyEye and Warmate,” Jim Curtin, president and CEO,...

Brazil’s SIATT partners with UK and Russia

David Oliver - At LAAD this year the Brazilian company SIATT-Engenharia, Indústria e Comércio, a specialist in intelligent weapons and integration of high technology...

Gripen E and Mosquito designed in Brazil

David Oliver - Akaer, the leading Brazilian Strategic Defence Company, designed and developed a new rear fuselage for Gripen E/F fighter aircraft for the Brazilian...

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