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Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of a significant computer hacking event, usually characterized as ‘cyber warfare’. Typically, a company’s computer system is breached and valuable data are stolen. Except that this is not cyber war, it is merely a cyber-attack. While hacktivists...

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French Flare for Space SIGINT

Dr. Thomas Withington - French Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities will take an important step forward with the expected launch of the first CERES (Capacité...

Turning Corners

Dr. Thomas Withington - Qualification has been completed for IrvinGQ’s and Rheinmetall’s new MASS-OCR radar corner reflector decoy. The MASS-OCR has been jointly developed...

The Burning Question

Dr. Thomas Withington - Etienne-Lacroix has announced it has commenced deliveries of its first serial production batch of LIR-120-A400M and LIR-121-A400M flares. These which...

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