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Blinding the Enemy – with Science

Previously known as Electronic Counter Measures, Electronic Attack uses electromagnetic energy, directed energy, or anti-radiation weapons to attack enemy personnel, facilities, or equipment. Electronic Attack (EA) uses the transmission of radio frequency energy to disrupt the operation of other radio frequency systems. This the essence...

Power Politics

SPM-622 in the field
Combining two or more energy sources, hybrid power systems are increasingly seen as the most efficient way of providing dismounted soldiers with the energy they need to operate their electronic equipment away from established power sources, for increasingly longer periods. For forward operating bases...

Moby Dick or Red October?

Liquid Robotics’ Wave Gliders
In the long history of human seafaring, our species has found ways of harnessing the energy from the environment and eking out meagre on-board stores to achieve increasingly amazing feats of endurance, sometimes with tragic costs. For most of that time the vital seafaring technology...

Break for the Border

Spider C-1 vehicle
Border control has never been a more sensitive issue in peacetime than it now is in Europe and the United States. In Europe, sympathy for people escaping civil war in Syria and state failures in Africa mixes with fear of political violence and social...

Seeing Things

CMOS cameras
Military vehicles have used optronics, such as night vision devices, for decades for observation and targeting, driver aids and, more recently, local all-round vision, often as add-ons during upgrades and usually as stand alone systems. This is now changing rapidly thanks to the combination...

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Parachutes have been providing soft landings for people who have needed to leave airborne aircraft, either in an emergency or by design, for more than a century, enabling escape from damaged aircraft and the delivery of troops behind enemy lines during airborne assaults or...

Enhancing The MK.1 Eyeball

Dismounted troops face a complex array of tasks that frequently involve making quick, critical decisions under harsh, dangerous conditions. Whether conducting sustained combat, raids, reconnaissance, surveillance or hostage rescue soldiers need all the help they can get to understand their situation. While today's market...

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