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Stephen W. Miller

Stephen W. Miller
A former US Marine ground combat and aviation officer instrumental in the adoption of wheeled armoured vehicles and manoeuvre warfare. He has extensive hands-on experience in development, acquisition, fielding, support and employment leading land, naval, and air programmes in the US and twenty-four other countries. [email protected]

Turkey Finalizes S-400 Deal

Turkey’s Minister of Defense announced on 12 November that it has completed the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system. According to the MoD, two batteries are to be delivered from Russia in 2018 with an additional two batteries to be produced in Turkey....

More RBS-70s Stiffen Brazil’s Air Defence

With short range air defense a renewed concern by leading armies it is interesting the Exército Brasileiro (Brazilian Army) has, despite tight budgets, received additional RBS-70s.  This portable ground laser beam riding missile from Saab Defense was first fielded in small number for the 2016...

Indonesia’s NASAMS

Norway’s Kongsberg Gruppen has secured a US$77 million order from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense to provide two batteries of its NASAMS ground anti-air missile system. The contract finalized at the end of October 2017 covers launchers, AN/MPQ-64 F1 Sentinel X band 3D radars, command...

Over The Top

Elbit Soltam smoothbore 120mm mortar
Mortars are a class of artillery. They differ from guns which have a low, flat trajectory best suited for engaging targets by direct fire and howitzers which typically engage targets not seen from the gun position with an arching trajectory. The mortar fires a...

Tank cannon becomes more deadly

Orbital ATK (just acquired by Northrop Grumman) has entered production of its Advance Multi-Purpose (AMP) 120mm tank ammunition that has been in development since 2015.   AMP provides the main battle tank crew with an on-demand round with optimized capability for defeating bunkers, buildings, light...

BAE Systems Shows its ACV Adaptability

Adaptability to provide mission variants is an important capability in a combat vehicle.   BAE Systems demonstrated this in its Amphibious Combat Vehicle 1.1 display at Modern Day Marine show held 19-21 September. Although the US Marine Corps candidates are still undergoing testing the company took the...

SHORAD Capabilities Demonstrated to US Army

Re-establishing tactical SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence) capability has gained increased attention by the US Army given the increased unmanned aerial vehicles and sophisticated air threats.   It is looking to industry to demonstrate near term solutions setting up a September 2017 shoot-off at White Sands...

Tanked Up

Type -99
Main Battle Tanks (MBT) continue to offer the most effective means for providing mobile protected firepower against a range of targets in both offensive and defensive actions, and new technologies continue to be applied to the MBT to enhance its combat effectiveness. To this...

Smart Logistics

Iveco’s LMV
Military tactical vehicles have for the most part remained similar to their commercial cousins since their introduction during the First World War. In most armies they were often exactly like the commercial versions though painted in green or sand colours with some military ‘options’. This...

Shoot and Scoot

The Artillery Gun Module
Forces that have shown the ability for their ‘guns’ (field artillery) to keep up with advancing infantry and cavalry combat forces have always had a decisive advantage. This is because the ground force as a whole is able to move forward, rather than one...

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