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Stephen W. Miller

Stephen W. Miller
A former US Marine ground combat and aviation officer instrumental in the adoption of wheeled armoured vehicles and manoeuvre warfare. He has extensive hands-on experience in development, acquisition, fielding, support and employment leading land, naval, and air programmes in the US and twenty-four other countries. [email protected]

Patria goes Swimming

Patria, the Finnish wheeled combat vehicle developer, announced earlier in March that has developed a new eight wheel drive armoured vehicle designed for amphibious operations. Based on the successful AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) which is fielded with seven armies, the new model can now...

Lethal Jack in the Box

NEMO Cont on Gd
Patria has further proved its reputation for innovation in its latest version of the NEMO 120mm turreted mortar, dubbed the Container Mortar., unveiled at the 2017 International Defence Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi in February. This integrates the NEMO weapon, fire control, power generation and...

Enhanced Firepower in the Sights of US Army IBCTs

The US Army hopes to commence production of its new Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) vehicle by 2020. The MPF is envisaged by the force to provide protection and support to the US Army’s Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs). Although not officially revealed, the MPF...

Fuel Cells Offer Promise

Hydrogen fuel cell electric powered vehicles are viewed as having great promise as alternative to traditional petrol or diesel engines. That the military is giving this technology careful consideration should not be a surprise. This was evident recently at the Washington DC Auto Show where...

THeMis UGV Marches Forward

Titan THeMIS
Estonia’s MILREM has developed, with support from the Estonian armed forces, the THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). This UGV is designed to be used at the small unit level to carry loads beyond the capacity of the soldiers. It...

Polaris Introduces MRZR Diesel Vehicle

Historically, militaries around the world have preferred diesel, and multi-fuel, engines in their vehicles. This has caused problems introducing commercial All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) which tend to use petrol engines into military service. However, Polaris’ government and defence division changed that last year with the...

Terrex-2 Commences Testing

ST Kinetics delivered its first Terrex-2 on 21st February 2017 to the US Marine Corps in a ceremony at the firm’s facility outside Charleston, South Carolina. This is the first of 16 vehicles being provided under a $121.5 million contract for evaluation as candidates...

Marines Return to the BAR

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) may soon revisit its Fire Team and Squad concepts of operation used extensively during the Second World War, following the publication of a Request For Information (RFI) for the delivery of up to 11000 Heckler and Koch M-27...

Super Tucanos To Arrive in Nigeria by March

super tucano taxi moody AF
The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is expected to procure three Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano turboprop light strike aircraft from Brazil, following an announcement to this effect on 9th February. These aircraft are expected to be transferred from the current inventory of the Brazilian Air...

Norway NASAMS Deliveries to Commence 2018

NASAMS HMMWV Firing Raytheon
Kongsberg expects to commence deliveries of NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) to the Luftforsvaret (Royal Norwegian Air Force) by 2018, the company has told The news follows an announcement on 6th February by the country’s Ministry of Defence of a $115...

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