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Thomas Withington
Head-editor, Defence commentator, journalist, military historian.

Electric Avenue

The RC-135V/W
The events of the last twelve months in the theatres discussed above underscore the reality that the electromagnetic spectrum, in which friendly and hostile radars and communications operate, is a domain of warfare in its own right, as much as the oceans, the ground...

Hitting Where It Hurts

ACE assault rifles
With the advancement in equipment and technology associated with “Near Peer” states including Russia, NATO members and other allied nations are becoming increasingly concerned with regards to being overmatched. According to Lieutenant Colonel Iain Moodie of the dismounted close combat capability directorate at the UK’s...

Dangers On The Edge Of Town

The threat from MANPADS
Conflicts in Ukraine, and in Syria and Iraq, illustrate the threat posed to current, and future air operations exemplified by medium-range/medium-altitude and long-range/high-altitude SAM systems and MANPADS. On 22 June 2012, Flight Lieutenant (Flt. Lt.) Gökhan Ertan and Flying Officer (F/O) Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy...

The Day Without Satellite

Software approaches look set to increase in importance regarding tactical radio design, while threats in terms of anti-satellite weapons and electronic jamming will also shape tactical radio engineers. In terms of hardware, the need to improve hearing protection and battery safety will continue. A number...

Time to Accessorize

Invisio’s V60 product
Often neglected in the world of tactical radios, but as vital as the transceivers themselves, are the accessories which enable the radios to be used in the most efficient way possible. These can include everything from amplifiers to antennae. As well as representing an excellent...

Radio Programmes

Rockwell Collins’ GR-2000
The erstwhile Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) programme continues to dominate tactical radio procurement for the United States armed forces, with new waveforms and hardware being spun out of these initiatives for export customers. Joining Harris and Rockwell Collins (see below), General Dynamics is one...

The Transmission Party

E-Lynx radio family
Away from Europe and North America, the tactical radios domain is a hive of activity with suppliers from Australia, Israel, Pakistan and South Africa releasing new transceivers and moving forward on domestic and export procurement programmes. The Eurosatory defence exhibition held in Paris this June...

Radio Days

Feverish activity has been witnessed in the European tactical radios domain in the past year, with new products being launched, and existing products receiving important modifications. Meanwhile, suppliers continue to fulfil radio procurements around the continent. In recent years, the tactical communications community have looked...

Frenetic activity in the Tactical Radios world

Tactical radio providers
It has been another year of frenetic activity in the tactical radios world. Armada’s Tactical Radios Compendium returns providing readers with a digest of news in the hardware, software, programmes and accessories domains. At the European level, Bittium (formerly Elektrobit) has made important software...

Let’s Get Linky!

The E-3 family
The Link-16 radio communications protocol, of which the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) commenced development in the 1970s, and which commenced fielding in the mid-1980s, revolutionised air-to-air and surface-to-air/air-to-surface communications. According to Bruce Eteson, technical director of data link systems at BAE Systems, Link-16...

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