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Dr. Thomas Withington
Editor, Defence commentator, journalist, military historian.
Steadfast Cobalt

Virtual is a Virtue

Despite the pandemic NATO puts alliance and member communications systems through their paces. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) rounded off its STEADFAST COBALT exercise...
Command Post

Warp Factor Nine

DARPA’s WARP RF deconfliction programme moves forward. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) WARP programme aims to provide narrowband sensitivity with wideband performance....
Crumbcatcher SIGINT System

Oh Crumbs!

Launched in April, Crumbcatcher is Northeast Information Discovery’s first SIGINT product. The company has teamed up with COMINT Consulting to provide “access to over four...

Carry on up the Cyber!

Two new UK government papers show how the UK’s armed forces and the country’s wider defence industrial community will strive to win electromagnetic supremacy...


Elettronica launched the world’s first online electromagnetic spectrum encyclopedia in late March. We caught up with the company’s CEO Enzo Benigni to talk about...

Smart Dart

Israel Aerospace Industries has launched a new airborne COMINT system which uses innovative Vector Sensing Antenna techniques to find emitters. Launched in mid-February the EL/K-7065VU...


Unleashing the power of the electromagnetic pulse could be devastating for critical national infrastructure. In late February, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announced the selection of...

Pan’s Labyrinth

Published in the September 2020 Issue - Unravelling the mystery of the US PAN-1 signals intelligence collection satellite, and UCAV strikes in Yemen. Like any...
A Walk in the Woods

Park Life – A review of Lee Blessing’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’

Three decades since the end of the Cold War this epoch continues to fascinate historians and dramatists alike. Like many great works of drama Lee...

IFF and When

Thales expects to deliver its first completed TSA-6000 IFF system to the French Navy by the end of the year. The company said that its...

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