Electronic Warfare Podcast 6: Multi-Domain Operations Defined

Multi Domain Operations is a phrase thrown around with abandon, but just what does it mean? We talk to Dr. Bill Conley, Mercury Systems’...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 5: Space-based RF sensing and analysis [11:42]

Space-based RF sensing and analysis is democratising thanks to the influence of the private sector, no longer solely the domain of those nations rich...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 4: David Gledhill talks about his new novel Infiltration [8:38]

David Gledhill was a navigator on the Royal Air Force’s (RAF’s) McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom series fighter, and then on the RAF’s Panavia Tornado-F3...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 3: In Conversation with COMINT Consulting’s Jim Kilgallen

Is our fixation with the latest and greatest electronic warfare technology in danger of overwhelming our need to support and nurture the human factor?...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 2: Electrons in Idlib [7:41]

Although much of the world’s attention is distracted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Syria’s civil war may have entered its end game. Russia and Turkey have...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 1: SEAD Perspectives [07:35]

We are proud to present Armada's first Electronic Warfare Podcast! We catch up with Shaun Vickers, business development manager at MASS, who shares his thoughts...

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