The Interim Manoeuvre Short Range Aid Defence System (IM-SHORAD)

Closing the Gap on Air and Missile Defence

Air and Missile Defence (AMD), neglected during the Army’s focus on counter-insurgency, requires revival to be competitive on the peer-on-peer battlefield. In addition, the...

IFF and When

Thales expects to deliver its first completed TSA-6000 IFF system to the French Navy by the end of the year. The company said that its...

One Beam Hits All?

Published in the February/March 2021 Issue - Radars on the battlefield track and detect a diverse collection of targets. Is it feasible or desirable...

Robotic Research Honored for WarLoc: The Warfighter’s Boot-Mounted GPS Alternative

Robotic Research Honored for WarLoc: The Warfighter’s Boot-Mounted GPS AlternativeGlobal autonomy and localization technology provider Robotic Research LLC received multiple honors at the recent 2020...


Iceni Labs is hoping to develop its SafeScan wall penetrating radar technology to Technology Readiness Level-7, the company has told Armada. SafeScan is prototype handheld...
Murmansk-BN (Sputnik)

Offence for Defence?

A new academic article offers a thought-provoking view of Russian aerospace doctrine, raising questions about the country’s offensive use of electronic warfare. The article, entitled...

The SCAR-Pod Floats to Success!

Airborne Technologies (ABT) is proud to have been chosen by the Canadian Aircraft manufacturer Viking Air Limited for the Sensor Integration required for a...

Beam Scheme

Specialist and general media were abuzz in early September with the news that the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon fleet will receive a new AESA...

Life in the old Frog yet?

The loss of an Armenian Air Force Su-25 Frogfoot prompts questions about the type’s survivability. Despite its age the the Sukhoi Su-25 series (NATO...

Triangulate to Accumulate

NATO’s CESMO initiative promises a step change in how the alliance collects electronic intelligence offering tactical, operational and strategic advantages. An accurate, timely electronic order-of-battle...

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