Turrets Syndrome

Vehicle turrets are growing increasingly sophisticated in a number of areas, from advances in ammunition to different uses of automation. There has been a range of changes in recent years, depending on calibre size and vehicle role. However, a number of themes can be...

Vehicles For Change

Current counter-insurgency operations are occurring in vast theatres in North Africa and the Middle East, often in semi-arid and desert conditions. This is spurring requirements for reliable vehicles which can be used by special forces to rapidly and safely cover such distances. Since August 2014,...

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The military vehicle maintenance market is in a state of transition: The model that came into play over a decade of US-led combat operations in the Middle East was focused on keeping vehicle fleets that were often acquired under Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) programmes...

Class War

CTA International 40 CTA
It is said that vehicles, like humans, gain weight as they get older. This is certainly the case for Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs). This appellation becomes less and less relevant with the latest models of ‘light’ armoured fighting vehicles, as this article will explain. Platforms...

Invisible Strykers

The US Army’ 2nd Cavalry Unit stationed in Vilsek, southeast Germany is evaluating the Saab Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) on its General Dynamics Stryker family eight-wheel drive armoured fighting vehicles. The 60-day training and evaluation, conducted alongside other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)...

AMVs Arrived in UAE

The first batch of Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) eight-wheel drive platforms have begun to arrive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as of March following the country’s order for 40 vehicles placed in January 2016. Production of these AMVs was performed in Poland...

Patria goes Swimming

Patria, the Finnish wheeled combat vehicle developer, announced earlier in March that has developed a new eight wheel drive armoured vehicle designed for amphibious operations. Based on the successful AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) which is fielded with seven armies, the new model can now...

Enhanced Firepower in the Sights of US Army IBCTs

The US Army hopes to commence production of its new Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) vehicle by 2020. The MPF is envisaged by the force to provide protection and support to the US Army’s Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs). Although not officially revealed, the MPF...

USMC MRZR-D4 Expected to be fielded in April 2017

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) expects to conclude the fielding of its new Polaris Defence MRZR-D4 four-wheel drive vehicles by April 2017, the USMC has told armadainternational.com. The news follows Polaris Defence’s announcement on 10 November 2016 that the USMC will order 144...

Fuel Cells Offer Promise

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2
Hydrogen fuel cell electric powered vehicles are viewed as having great promise as alternative to traditional petrol or diesel engines. That the military is giving this technology careful consideration should not be a surprise. This was evident recently at the Washington DC Auto Show where...

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