Czech Army Warms to the Pandur-II

Pandur II
The Czech Army expects to receive an additional 20 General Dynamics Pandur-II eight-wheel drive armoured vehicles procured via an $82 million order this May. These new vehicles are to be outfitted as communications and command versions. The army currently has 107 Pandur-IIs acquired in 2009....

M3 Mystery Shopper

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) announced on 2nd February that it plans to supply its M3 Amphibious Ferry and Bridging System to an undisclosed south-east Asian army. The M3 is self-propelled on land and has floatation pontoons and propellers for use in water....

K-9 for the KRAB

Poland’s Huta Stalowa Wola defence company has contracted the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Hanwha Techwin for 96 K-9 Thunder 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) chassis, it was announced on 19 December. The K-9 chassis will be mated with a BAE Systems’ AS-90 Braveheart turret which...

Peru reaches out to US for Ground Force Modernization

The modernisation of the Ejército del Perú (Peruvian Army) could take a major step forward with approval of its request by the US State Department on 6 December to purchase General Dynamics 178 Stryker family eight wheel drive armoured fighting vehicles. The ICVs will...

MIV Programme Controversy

Piranha 5
Uncertainty surrounds the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle programme amid reports in October that the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) wants a single source purchase of vehicles from, as opposed to a competitive tender. The MIV programme focuses on a eight-wheel drive armoured vehicle requirement,...

Poland’s Leopard Upgrade Advances

Rheinmetall expects to complete its programme to upgrade Poland’s Rheinmetall Leopard-2A4 Main Battle Tanks by October 2020, the company has disclosed. On 28 December 2015, Rheinmetall signed a contract with Poland for the upgrade of 128 Leopard-2A4 MBTs which will include the option for an...

Huron Moves Forward

At the Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition (ADEX 2016) this September AZCAN presented its latest Huron Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), blending Canadian and Azerbaijani expertise. AZCAN’s Huron: “incorporates a revolutionary lightweight armour that increases manoeuvrability and speed performance in comparison with other similarly-sized vehicles...

Patria Purchases

Patria AMV
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be receiving additional eight-wheel drive AMVs (Armoured Modular Vehicles) under a contract awarded to Patria announced on 28 January. The UAE Army fielded up to 15 AMVs in 2008 including a model that is 0.4-metres (1.4-feet) longer with...

Crossing the Gap

BLM Stryker L
Light armoured units maintain their operational advantage though superior manoeuvre and must stay ahead of their opponent’s ability to react. Unfordable rivers, dry trenches and ravines can block such manoeuvre. Pearson Engineering (PE) of the United Kingdom has developed a Bridge Launching Mechanism (BLM-L)...

Stryking Harder

M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle’s are getting bigger teeth. The US Army awarded a $75 million contract to General Dynamics Land Systems (GD) for the integration of a 30mm automatic gun station on to the M1126 and delivery of eight prototypes. In December 2015, GD...

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