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Issue of December 2016 – January 2017

Issue of Armada International in December 2016 & January 2017. Land Warfare - Enhancing The MK.1 Eyeball: Optronics for dismounted infantry are employing the very latest technological innovations which industry has to offer, Peter Donaldson explains. Air Power - Finding The X-Factor: Procuring the right training aircraft...

UAV Overview 2016-2017

Armada International's Annual UAV Poster

Radios Overview 2016-2017

Armada International’s Annual Radios Poster

Compendium – Tactical Radio – October – November 2016

This is the October/November 2016 compendium of Armada International. This is not the latest compendium. To read the current month’s compendium of the magazine, please subscribe here.

Issue of October – November 2016

Issue of Armada International in October & November of 2016. Sea Power - Corvettes On Course: Corvettes continue to prove an attractive choice for navies needing robust surface combatants, but reticent to purchase costly frigates and destroyers, Dr. Alix Valenti explains. Operational Focus -...

Compendium – Airborne Electronic Warfare – August – September 2016

An Armada International Compendium supplement regarding the Airborne Electronic Warfare. Download Airborne Electronic Warfare 2016 Compendium

Issue of August – September 2016

Issue of Armada International in August & September of 2016. Land Warfare - Chemical Memory: Chilling yet pertinent analysis from Andy Oppenheimer regarding the CBRN threat from non-state actors, and the equipment available to protect those called upon to deal with such attacks. Turing...

Compendium – Modern Soldier – June – July – 2016

An Armada International Compendium regarding the Modern Soldier.

Issue of June – July 2016

Issue of Armada International in June & July of 2016. Operational Focus - Fighting Fascism: Thomas Newdick profiles the air campaign of the US-led coalition to contain and ultimately defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria insurgent organisation. Air Power - Flying Filling Stations: ‘No...

Compendium – Special Operations – April – May 2016

An Armada International Compendium regarding the Special Operations.

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Airbus reveals its Network for the Sky military communications solution

Airbus will unveil its secure networked airborne military communications solution, Network for the Sky (NFTS), at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018. NFTS combines different...

RAF receives 20th Atlas Transport Aircraft

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has taken delivery of the 20th next-generation Atlas transport aircraft as the programme continues to meet key development milestones....

CAE joins Boeing H-47 Chinook team for German heavy-lift helicopter competition

CAE Elektronik GmbH announced that it has signed a teaming agreement with Boeing to support the H-47 Chinook helicopter being offered for the German...

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