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Northrop Grumman providing specialized ammunition to members of the U.S. military

Northrop Grumman Corporation announced that it has received new orders totaling $24.8 million from the U.S. Army for medium-caliber ammunition. Orders were placed for 30 X 173mm PGU 46/B HEI rounds under the company’s supply contract with the U.S. government. The ammunition order will be...

FNH UK will present FN® e-novation range of solutions at the Close Combat Symposium

FNH UK, the UK-based subsidiary of FN Herstal – Belgium-based world’s leading designer and manufacturer of small calibre weapons, weapon systems and associated ammunition – will attend the ‘Close Combat Symposium organized by Cranfield Defence and Security University, from July 9 through July 11...

U.S. Marine Corps awards Rheinmetall production order for MK281 MOD3 40mm practice ammunition

The United States Marine Corps has just contracted with Rheinmetall to produce and deliver 40mm practice ammunition. The ammunition, specifically the 40mm x 53 MK281 MOD3 High Velocity Practice Day/Night Marking Cartridge, will be produced in Camden, Arkansas and shipped from American Rheinmetall Munitions...

Lethal Weapon

Saab’s M-4 Carl Gustaf
In the area of small arms, support weapons, ammunition and munitions, there remains plenty of scope for weight savings across the DCC (Dismounted Close Combat) and special operations communities, designed to reduce the burden. The US Army continues to consider multiple options in this area...

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