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BONEX Shuttle HP 1 – The DPV transportation unit

Professional Diving Vehicles Bonex DPVs are leading in technology and performance. Professional customers like police, coast and fireguard, military and special forces trust Bonex DPVs for their special demands. Bonex scooters are compact, powerful and feature many safety elements. Especially the high quality standard makes the Bonex the most reliable...

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GM-200 for Dutch Army

Dr. Thomas Withington - The Dutch Army will receive new ground-based air surveillance radars in 2021, allowing the force to reture several legacy systems....

Smart Decision

Dr. Thomas Withington - New radars promise a major enhancement to the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s air surveillance. The Koninklijke Luchtmacht (RNLAF/Royal Netherlands Air Force)...

Mack Defense Highlights Medium Support Vehicle System Roll-Out at CANSEC 2019

Mack Defense will showcase the ongoing delivery of its Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Standard Military Pattern (SMP) trucks to Canada at the Canadian...

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