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General Robotics releases an improved model of PITBULL Anti-Drone Remote Weapon Station

General Robotics announces the release of a new Anti-Drone Remote Weapon Station. The PITBULL Anti-Drone provides a complete solution of one compact and mobile system that can be installed anywhere on manned or unmanned vehicles, manned or unmanned vessels and of course on static command...

General Robotics releases an improved model of DOGO – Anti Terror & Crime Robot

The DOGO Mark II includes the following improvements: Faster Point & Shoot Interface – enables accurate designation of lethal or non-lethal means simply by clicking on the screen. Non-Lethal Pepper Spray and Non-Lethal Dazzling Light modules are attached. Front extenders to overcome various obstacles. New...

PITBULL™ -Supporting Fighters for Mission Success

The PITBULL™ is the next generation of light remotely Operated Weapon System (ROWS) designed to be integrated on manned and unmanned platforms. PITBULL™ -The only RWS with 4 Features in 1 System: Ultra Light (70Kg) supports 62 or 5.56 machine guns Comprehensive Situational Awareness – day...

DOGO™ – Ultra Light Hand-Held Anti-Terror Robot

The DOGO™ Robot is an innovative “tactical combat robot”, armed with a 9 mm Glock pistol, created to serve as a “watch dog” for soldiers in the field. Life saving - engage terrorists by remote control Fast and safe activation of integrated weapon ...

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