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Registration closing soon – Military Flight Training 2019

SMi reports: Only two weeks to go until SMi’s 8th Annual Military Flight Training Conference, in London this October. The highly anticipated Military Flight Training Conference, taking place on the 9th-10th October 2019 in London, will allow delegates to take part in front-line discussions with...

Raytheon moves ahead with its new passive airborne ELINT/ESM gathering system

By Dr. Thomas Withington, EW Europe, Stockholm - During the EW Europe conference and exhibition being held in Stockholm between 14 - 15 May, Raytheon’s German subsidiary outlined the progress the company has made on its ARDS (Advanced Radar Detection System). The ARDS is an...

Airbus invests € 60 million in new military aircraft logistics centre

Airbus Defence and Space is investing around € 60 million into a new logistics centre for spare parts of military aircraft (Military Air Spares Centre – MASC) at Manching to the north of Munich. In the presence of the authorities, an official groundbreaking ceremony has marked the...

Raytheon’s 360-degree AESA radar passes 3,000 hours of operations

Raytheon Company’s 360-degree capable, gallium nitride -powered active electronically scanned array, a Raytheon funded and proposed upgrade to the Patriot® Air and Missile Defense System, recently completed 3,000 hours of operation. “The company-funded radar has demonstrated 360-degree capability, tracking tactical targets such as maneuvering fighter...

Tornado successor: Team Eurofighter presents offer to Germany

On the eve of the ILA Berlin Air Show 2018, Airbus and Eurofighter GmbH have submitted their offer to the German Ministry of Defence for a replacement of the Bundeswehr’s ageing Tornado combat aircraft, which was developed in the 1960s, and have established the...

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