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7 Briefings from Leading Vendors to be Delivered at the Future Soldier Technology USA Conference

SMi Reports: Seven high-level briefings from key industry suppliers will be presented at Future Soldier Technology USA 2019 taking place June 24th-25th. With increasing investment in soldier and marine assets throughout the US and across its allies, SMi are delighted to announce that Future Soldier...

Leading US Army figures to present at Future Armored Vehicles Active Protection Systems USA 2019 Conference

SMi reports: Representatives from Army Futures Command, CCDC, CCDC Ground Vehicles Systems Center & PEO Ground Combat Systems to present at the 2019 event, taking place on June 11th and 12th. With the largest Army reorganization in 45 years, the Combat Capabilities Development Command have...

IAI’s ELTA Systems to Provide WindGuard Radar for the U.S Army

ELTA Systems, a division and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has been awarded a contract by Leonardo DRS to provide the U.S Army with WindGuard (ELM-2133) Active Protection Radar. The radar will be supplied as part of the Rafael Trophy system for the...

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