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Litening pod

Nowhere to Hide

Published in December 2020/January 2021 issue - Targeting pods have matured and are turning the laser-guided bomb from bludgeon to rapier! Though guided munitions date...

Challenges to National Defence Sector Growth

Published in the September 2020 Issue - The United Arab Emirates government has created opportunities for its own citizens and for international industry partners...
US Army

Sensor Focused Firepower

Published in the September 2020 issue - Major General Ken Kamper, Commanding General of the US Army Fires Center of Excellence explains the refocusing...

Defence Industry and Signals of the New Norm

Published in the June/July 2020 Issue – COVID-19 is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. The disease spread around the world with amazing speed and terrible...

Lightning Strikes Twice

The Australian and Italian air forces may have their F-35As modified to deploy the AGM-88E anti-radar missile. Lockheed Martin has won a contract worth...
Long Range Precision Fires

AUSA: Lockheed Martin Updates on Precision Strike Missile Tests

AUSA: Washington DC: Long Range Precision Fires is a top modernisation priority for the US Army. Brigadier General Rafferty, director of the Long Range Precision...

Multi-layered Shield

Anti-Access Area Denial (A2AD) has taken on significant importance as military minds reset to peer-to-peer conflict from two decades of asymmetric warfare. Anti-Access Area Denial...

Beyond Artillery’s Reach

The ranges and complexity of ground launched missiles has grown, and with no limiting treaty, looks set to go ballistic. Tactical missiles extend the depth...


Dear Readers, The middle of summer, especially the middle of August, usually translates into what we in the editorial side of the media call a...
RAF C-130J

First C-130J with new centre wing returns to RAF

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has delivered the first of 14 RAF C-130Js to undergo Enhanced Service Life Centre Wing Box replacement back to...

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