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Global Defence needs may help US Army Modernisation

The US Army is preparing to undertake a substantial reordering of its modernisation programmes so that it can catch up with a changing global security environment. Interesting on its own merits, this shift also has the fascinating potential to reshape the global defence market....

Senior Czech Air Force Military to speak at Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe 2019

SMi Reports: Czech Air Force set to give keynote host-nation presentations at the 4th annual Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe conference, taking place in Prague on 22nd-23rd May 2019. As Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States continue to be a key focus...

US Army Looking to Reverse ‘Downward Slope’ of Readiness

AUSA Day 1: The US Army leadership is emphasising once again the need for readiness and modernisation. The Army Future Forces Command was created with the objective of “developing and delivering future force requirements, designing future force organisations, and delivering materiel capabilities.” Dr. Mark Esper,...


Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System
Generally associated with soldier modernisation and future technology programmes, efforts to reduce the burden on Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) personnel continue to proliferate globally, with a number of companies and armed forces engaged in such efforts. That said, while reducing the burden on DCC personnel...

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