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SAIC, Polaris to Team on Army Infantry Squad Vehicle

Science Applications International Corp. and Polaris Government and Defense, a division of Polaris Inc., announced they are teaming up for the U.S. Army’s Infantry...

Battlefield Overmatch for the Modern Soldier

As an increasingly complex operating environment continues to present small unit teams with a series of evolving mission requirements, armed forces and industry are...

Albion and the Apocalypse

Upon becoming the United Kingdom’s prime minister on 13 July Theresa May, like her predecessors, was asked to write several letters by the cabinet...

USMC MRZR-D4 Expected to be fielded in April 2017

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) expects to conclude the fielding of its new Polaris Defence MRZR-D4 four-wheel drive vehicles by April 2017, the...

Polaris Introduces MRZR Diesel Vehicle

Historically, militaries around the world have preferred diesel, and multi-fuel, engines in their vehicles. This has caused problems introducing commercial All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)...

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