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Kongsberg Remote Weapons System

Kongsberg Remote Weapons Systems Conduct Live Fire Exercise for Us Army

Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace demonstrated its remote weapons systems to the US Army at its Maneuver Center for Excellence, Fort Benning, Georgia, from 14-15...

Timeline Set for US Army Remote Combat Vehicle Testing and Soldier Evaluation

A point made clear in the AUSA Global Force Next panel on the Next Generation Combat Vehicle is that unmanned technologies and artificial intelligence...
QinetiQ’s new Airbus H145

QinetiQ’s new UK range helicopter

QinetiQ, the UK global integrated defence and security company has invested in a new Airbus H145 helicopter to extend capabilities and operational efficiencies for...

Managing the Biggest Aviation Challenge in the Royal Navy

Rear Admiral Connell spoke to Armada International about the responsibility and challenges of developing the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike capability. “As Rear Admiral Fleet Air...

US Army Modernisation messages at AUSA

Every military force needs to modernise, but this is getting harder in the age of information as opposed to the industrial age. Andrew Drwiega...

UMS SKELDAR develops innovative training initiatives as part of expansion strategy

Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, UMS SKELDAR, is introducing a range of innovative training initiatives as part of its...

Link Microtek optical encoding technology delivers secure wireless communications for QinetiQ test facility

Engineers at a QinetiQ naval-communications test and evaluation facility at Portsdown in Hampshire are reaping significant benefits from the recent installation of an Azdec...

Inzpire Limited announce QinetiQ as new majority shareholder

Lincoln-based Inzpire Limited (Inzpire) has announced Monday 22 October, that QinetiQ Group plc (QinetiQ) has agreed to become a majority investor in the company,...

RAF receives 20th Atlas Transport Aircraft

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has taken delivery of the 20th next-generation Atlas transport aircraft as the programme continues to meet key development milestones....

Future Trends to Watch

A number of trends are influencing the development of future combat vehicles. They will also shape efforts to upgrade existing vehicle fleets in order...

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