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High Frequency for SOF

Published in the October/November 2020 issue - Seeking to maintain secure and reliable connectivity, particularly in contested environments, special forces are turning to High...

Stream of Consciousness

Silvus Technologies has given Armada more details of its new tactical radios and waveform enhancements. On 6th January the company unveiled new tactical radio and...

Silvus Retools StreamCaster Product Line for Spectrum Dominance

Silvus Technologies, Inc. (“Silvus”) announced the release of its newest radio models and waveform features designed to deliver reliable performance in congested and contested...

Bittium Supplies the Finnish Defence Forces with Bittium Tactical Power Pack™

Bittium has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces for Bittium Tactical Power Pack™ products that are meant for powering tactical communication...
The Afracal 2 RF Power Amplifier

Afracal 2 Triple Band Power Amplifier: facilitating wide band communications

One of the flagship products from one of the leading military manufacturing companies in Africa and the world, Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd (Secure And Tactical – Communications), is...

Lightweight and portable: The Cheetah 3 battlefield radio

Namibian radio specialist Sat-Com has been selling its Cheetah lightweight and portable wideband VHF/UHF radio for many years now, with the radio currently in...

Space for Growth

One year after launching its first three RF sensing and geolocation satellites, Hawkeye 360 is planning a major enlargement of its constellation. Hawkeye 360...

AR-50 Product Line of Tactical Radio Booster Amplifiers

AR Modular RF product line of tactical radio booster amplifiers are lightweight, extremely durable and easy to use. The AR-50 and the AR-50SE are...

Thinking about Linking

A bewildering array of tactical datalinks are used on today’s battlefield and help is at hand to ensure that information can be moved across...

HawkEye 360 Expands Signal Catalog to Address New Markets

HawkEye 360 Inc., the first commercial company to use formation flying satellites to create a new class of radio frequency (RF) data analytics, announced...

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