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Saab’s enhanced C4I Capability

Building on 50 years of experience, Saab’s 9LV was originally designed for operations in the Baltic Sea, a high clutter environment and a military geography that generates large variations and highly compressed tactical cycles. 9LV offers complete Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) for...

UMS SKELDAR develops innovative training initiatives as part of expansion strategy

Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, UMS SKELDAR, is introducing a range of innovative training initiatives as part of its ongoing expansion strategy, with 2020 being labelled as the year of change for its training delivery programme. Alongside the Group’s...

Cutting-edge coverage

Being well-camouflaged is one of the greatest advantages during combat, and in the constantly developing world of sensing technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for armed forces to act without being observed. Saab Barracuda is responding by developing the latest innovative camouflage solutions that...

Boeing Pitches T-X at Le Bourget

Boeing T-X
David Oliver - The first of two prototypes of the tandem-seat single-engine Boeing T-X powered by a General Electric F404 afterburning turbofan, BTX-1 flew on 20 December 2016. The twin tail design was fitted with a F-16 tricycle landing gear to save cost. Equipped...

Saab to Deliver Radars for Royal Canadian Navy’s Joint Support Ships

Saab has received an order for delivery of Sea Giraffe AMB naval radars supporting the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Joint Support Ships. Lockheed Martin Canada has placed the order. Lockheed Martin Canada, selected by prime contractor Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. is providing the command...

Gripen E and Mosquito designed in Brazil

David Oliver - Akaer, the leading Brazilian Strategic Defence Company, designed and developed a new rear fuselage for Gripen E/F fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) under contract to Embraer. The new project takes advantage of the technology and experience developed by Saab...

Saab Receives Order from the US Navy for Sea Giraffe AMB

Saab has received an additional order for the Sea Giraffe AMB naval radar, designated AN/SPS-77 by the U.S. Navy, for installation on the U.S. Navy’s newest Littoral Combat Ships LCS 36 and LCS 38. The order, placed by General Dynamics, is further testament to Saab’s...

The Full Battle Experience

With armed forces increasingly seeing the value of live training exercises, Saab offers unparalleled levels of realism and data analytics. Battlefields are often extremely confusing places. Armed forces need to get their jobs done in the face of variables including enemy fire, noise, darkness, extreme...

Winds of change in the Fighter market

Andrew Hunter - Very little stirs the blood in defence quite like a good fighter competition. Fighters are glamorous, eye-catching, and expensive. They are the crown jewels of military gear. This means that fighter competitions, when they are actually held, are fiercely competed. Over...

Saab Receives Swedish Order for Giraffe 4A and Arthur Radars

Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to develop and maintain the Armed Forces’ artillery and weapon locating capability. The order includes Saab’s Giraffe 4A multi-function radar and life extension of the artillery locating system Arthur.

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