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SlingShot plugged into BOWMAN

British Armed Forces lead the way in transferring SlingShot Special Forces satellite communications system...

Spectra Group is an internationally renowned specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, specifically optimised for use in remote and challenging...
SlingShot-Equipped small size

Spectra Group’s SlingShot: Satellite Communications to support Specialist Operations

With award-winning Spectra’s SlingShot in operation around the globe, users are truly recognising the unique communications edge that this game-changing technology offers Conceived and designed...

SlingShot Tactical Operations Centre System

SlingShot is a unique technology that enables in-service radios to work beyond line of sight, delivering a “battle-winning” advantage and simplified mission-planning. In-service across the...

Radio Days

Feverish activity has been witnessed in the European tactical radios domain in the past year, with new products being launched, and existing products receiving...

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