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Rafale F4 launched

Jon Lake - On 14 January 2019, the French government signed a $2.26 billion (€2 billion) contract with Dassault Aviation for a batch of 28 Rafales and at the same time approved the development of the new F4 standard. Like the rival Eurofighter Typhoon, the...

Mexican Navy relies on Thales for the launch of its new Ocean Patrol Vessel

At the end of 2018, the first ship from the Mexican Navy’s new POLA (Patrullera Oceanica de Largo Alcance) class, ARM Reformador, was launched at the ASTIMAR-20 shipyard in Salina Cruz, Mexico. Thales joins with the Mexican Navy in celebrating this key milestone and...

Thales and French Army to boost land forces equipment maintenance

 The MCO-Terre 2025 through-life support transformation plan is one of the mainstays of efforts by the French Ministry for the Armed Forces to improve the availability of high-value defence systems in increasingly complex environments, in particular by developing innovative digital services.

Upgraded Thales and Rheinmetall Electronics Simulators for Tiger Helicopters

Armed forces need access to instruction and training resources based on the latest technologies. To make the right decisions at every decisive moment in the theatre of operations, they need to master ever more complex tactical situations in real time.  German and French Tiger helicopter...

TALIOS optronic pod qualified by French defence procurement agency

Combining a reconnaissance and targeting capability with visibility of the entire critical decision chain, from gathering intelligence to neutralising threats, is a key challenge for armed forces around the world. Building on 40 years of experience in reconnaissance and identification systems, Thales has developed...

Thales presents SonoFlash

To help customers achieve their ambitions, Thales is launching a new sonobuoy called SonoFlash. With its digital signal and high-performance communication link, SonoFlash enhances the Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities of naval aviation units by bringing them best-in-class intrinsic and tactical performance. Airborne ASW systems...

Thales unveils ALTESSE-H

At the Euronaval 2018 future naval technologies exhibition in Paris, Thales is launching ALTESSE-H, a new communications electronic warfare solution with a highly intuitive user interface. This passive naval electronic warfare solution with built-in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is designed to keep vessels safe...

The United States Air Force relies on Thales D-ILS

The United States Air Force (USAF)’s activities to establish air superiority and support ground combat units often require the use of secure airfields in remote and challenging areas. Thales Deployable – Instrument Landing System (D-ILS), a compact and movable variant of the standard ILS,...

FN Herstal Enhances deFNder® with ANTARES Situational Awareness System

For the first time in its history, FN Herstal displayed its deFNder® Medium Remote Weapon Station (RWS) together with the ANTARES optronic system at the international EUROSATORY exhibition, held in Paris, France, from June 11 -15, 2018. The ANTARES, designed and developed by Thales, is...

Finnish Defence Forces performed a successful live firing of their Thales Crotale New Generation

Finnish Defence Forces’ main role, besides operating alongside European and UN forces in numerous international missions, is to defend the national territory and the Finnish population. For the past 30 years, Thales has provided services and capability sustainment to the Finnish Defence Forces for...

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